Help Comes Only From the One - Nun Gavrilia

Experience has taught me that no one can help anyone, no matter how strong his wish and love may be. Help comes only in the Hour of God, from the One.


Like Simon of Cyrene, we must be always ready to rush to the help of our fellow-man.


Some of the sailors on a ship may quarrel and fight each other, but the ship sails on and reaches its destination. The same is true of the Church, because Christ Himself is at the helm.

A person takes his lesson only once. If he does not learn the first time, it means that there is something wrong in his subconscious which prevents him from doing so.


We should ask God everyday to break our will and make it His, so that we may become as He wants us to be.


The Grace of God comes when we raise our hand. It is Faith that draws God's Grace to us. God is «pouring down» His Grace, but where is the hand reaching out to receive it? Instead, we are wearing hats or carrying umbrellas...


We must not «surrender» to His Will. This is what soldiers do. We, who are His Children, must offer Him our own will along with all our being - in whatever pitiful state we may be - and tell him: «Lord, take all my faults and imperfections and set them right».

We ourselves cannot get rid of any of our faults. He takes them away from us, one by one.

When the «I» breaks and becomes «You» and the «You» also breaks so that they may both become «He», then we all become «His».

Let God intervene between you and your purpose, instead of letting your purpose intervene between you and God.




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