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Our Oil
Our monastery hand presses extra virgin olive oil. To purchase bulk please contact the monastery.

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The Prodigal Son's Brother
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Ο του Ασώτου Αδελφός
The Spiritual Life in the World
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Our monastery extra virgin olive oil.

To purchase bulk OR even just a few bottles, please contact the monastery on (08)9359 2988

A brief expose about our Olive Oil:

For over a decade now in Perth, we have a functioning Greek Orthodox Monastery, a monastery dedicated to prayer and love of God. The Monks pray for the world and the salvation of their souls. Apart from their daily prayer programme the monastery also services our Orthodox Community. Considering our close proximity to the 'world', the monastery annually takes in many pilgrims, both locally and interstate, pilgrims looking for a deeper spiritual life or pained in the world. They come to give rest to their weary souls, the monastery is to them a peaceful harbour, away from the turbulent and stormy sea of the world. 

For our Monastery to exist it needs to be financially sustainable which is obvious considering its ongoing expenses, everyday running costs and maintenance.  Our Monastery is still in its development stage of the construction of our buildings. 

in 2012, the late George Kailis, took a keen interest in our Monastery and was concerned about its future sustainability. We explained to Mr Kailis, our financial issues, how our only income was from the Sunday Church attendance, Mr Kailis decided he would find us a way to generate a small income to sustain us. Mr Kailis proposed the idea for the Monastery to produce its own extra virgin olive oil; considering we had just planted 300 olives trees in the previous years. 


Mr Kailis put the idea into action, raising funds from our local Greek Orthodox Community along with his own generous donation. We then purchased olive oil procession equipment and established a processing plant for the olives of the Monastery. 

The olive oil produced was never intended nor could ever be commercially competitive with major leading brands, local or imported from Europe. Essentially the idea is to provide a product made by the Monks from their own labour in return for a donation.  Every bottle of olive oil purchased thus goes to supporting the Monastery. 


Monks working for their 'daily bread' is not something new. Apostle Paul tells us, 'if anyone will not work, neither should he eat'. (Thess:3.10). 


Monks of the early church, the desert Fathers of Egypt and Palestine, used to make their own handicraft of rush-mats or cane-baskets, and then take them to market to sell to sustain their existence. Even in the 21st Century, this is a practice of Orthodox Monasteries around the world, selling their handicrafts or products to build their monasteries and cover their daily needs.   

The Eastern Orthodox Church has for centuries past used olive oil as part of its sacramental life. The word Oil in Greek "Έλαιο" systematically also means 'Mercy'. We use olive oil in many distinct ways during our Orthodox Sacramental Worship; during Euchelaion (Healing Service), Baptism, Artoklasia(Blessing of the loaves), Funerals and also during the offering of the Prosphoro bread; during this offering the Faithful bring also bottles of olive oil, wine, incense and charcoals. This is because the person who brings the Prosphoro bread in essence also brings along and offers all the essential items needed for the Divine Liturgy; the bread and wine for the Holy Eucharist, olive oil for the votive lamps and incense and charcoals to be used during the Divine Liturgy, symbolising our Prayers raising to Heaven.   

The Fathers of the Holy Monastery ask you to keep the above in mind when purchasing a bottle of our extra virgin olive oil and know that proceeds from your donation, benefit out future sustainability to keep Orthodox Monasticism and the life of Prayer alive in Perth, Western Australia. 


We appreciate your support and we pray that our Good God gives you in the Kingdom, the benevolent acts you sow here in earth.


With much love, 


The Holy Monastery of Saint John, 


Perth, Western Australia.
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia



280 Holmes Road

Forrestfield WA 6058


Sundays 8am - 10.30am following by a free morning tea in the hall.

Please ring or email if you would like to visit outside of this time.


©2017 St John's Monastery 

The Prodigal Son's Brother

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