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Sundays 8am - 10.30am following by a free morning tea in the hall.

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A Few Thoughts 29.9.19 - ENGLISH ONLY

Fellowship Talk: Everday Spiritual Life in Today's World - Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Archangel Michael in Homebush - 28.6.19 ENGLISH ONLY

The Glory of Christ & How That Impacts Us 9.6.19 - GREEK or ENGLISH

The Door 21.5.19 - GREEK or ENGLISH

4th Sunday of Great Lent 7.4.19 - GREEK or ENGLISH

Fellowship Talk: Orthodox Psychotherapy 23/3/19 - ENGLISH ONLY

The Last Judgement 3.3.19 - ENGLISH ONLY

Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee 17.2.19 - ENGLISH ONLY

Sunday After Epiphany 13.1.19 - ENGLISH ONLY


The 11th Sunday of Luke 16.12.18 - ENGLISH ONLY

Parable of the Sower 14.10.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

The 2nd Sunday of Luke 30.9.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

The 12th Sunday of Matthew 19.8.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

The 10th Sunday of Matthew 5.8.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

How to Increase the Power of Our Faith 30.7.18 - ENGLISH ONLY

The 9th Sunday of Matthew 29.7.18 - ENGLISH ONLY


Humility: The Hardest Virtue 27.7.18 - ENGLISH ONLY


The eye is the lamp of the body 17.6.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

A negative thought that can help us inherit eternal life 'THE MEMORY OF DEATH' 3/6/18 - ENGLISH ONLY

Sunday of the Paralytic 29.4.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

Palm Sunday 1.4.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

The Annunciation 24.3.18 - ENGLISH ONLY

Sermon after Akathist 23.3.18 - GREEK ONLY

Sunday Mark 9:17-31 18.3.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

Second Sunday of Great Lent/St Gregory Palamas 4.3.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

First Sunday of Great Lent 25.2.18ENGLISH ONLY

Sunday Before Great Lent - GREEK or ENGLISH

Sunday of the Last Judgement 11.2.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

Sunday of the Publican and Pharisee 28.1.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

Zacchaios Climbs the Sycamore Tree 21.1.18ENGLISH ONLY

The Synaxis of St John  7.1.18 - GREEK or ENGLISH

10th Sunday of Luke  10.12.17 - GREEK or ENGLISH

14th Sunday of Luke  3.12.17 - GREEK or ENGLISH

13th Sunday of Luke  26.11.17 - GREEK or ENGLISH


9th Sunday of Luke  19.11.17 - GREEK or ENGLISH

8th Sunday of Luke  12.11.17 - GREEK or ENGLISH

Feast Day of Saint Nektarios  9.11.17 - GREEK or ENGLISH

5th Sunday of Luke 5.11.17 - ENGLISH ONLY

6th Sunday of Luke  22.10.17 - GREEK or ENGLISH

Fellowship Talk 4 -Presented by Father Themistocles Adamopoulo - 14.10.17 ENGLISH ONLY


2nd Sunday of Luke  01.10.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Sunday before the Elevation of the Holy Cross 10.9.17 - ENGLISH ONLY


12th Sunday of Matthew 27.8.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Fellowship Talk 3 - Meaning and importance of humility - 13.8.17 ENGLISH ONLY

The Transfiguration of Christ 6.8.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

7th Sunday of Matthew 23.7.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

4th Sunday of Matthew 2.7.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

3rd Sunday of Matthew 25.6.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

2nd Sunday of Matthew 18.6.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Sunday of All Saints 11.6.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Fellowship Talk - Self emptying through the writings of St John the Theologian 4.6.17 ENGLISH ONLY

Sunday of the Holy Fathers 28.5.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Sunday of the Blind Man and St Constantine 21.5.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Sunday of the Samaritan Woman 14.5.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Sunday of the Paralytic Man 7.5.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Sunday of the Mrryh-Bearing Women 30.4.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Apostle Thomas Sunday 23.4.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Palm Sunday 9.4.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Youth Talk in Darwin 2.4.17 ENGLISH ONLY

4th Sunday of Great Lent 26.3.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Fellowship Talk - The Prodigal Son's Brother 20.3.17 ENGLISH ONLY


Sunday of the Veneration of the Holy Cross 19.3.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

2nd Sunday of Great Lent 12.3.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Sunday of Orthodoxy 5.3.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH

Forgiveness Sunday 26.2.17 - GREEK  or  ENGLISH